A Trip to Italy

Work brings us to Italy for a few months. There will be trips back to London and reports from there. But there will be many reports from Italy too. We think it will be interesting to check how ‘Italian-in-England’ restaurants and ‘Italian-in-Italy’ ones compare.

The place is going to be Trento, in North-East Italy. It’s less than one hour drive from Verona or from Brescia, depending on whether you are a BA or a Ryanair fan. It’s a little gem of a city and it merits a detour. As for the restaurants, you’ll see…we only tell you that in such a tiny place there are three Michelin (mono) starred restaurants. Since £100 goes along way in Euroland, the plan is to inspect them all.

However, it’s a long drive from London, so we are forced to stop in Burgundy More on this story later…

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