Burrida culture shock – can you spot the difference?

We spent our late Summer holidays in Sardinia. Before reporting on restaurants, a few thoughts on:


A traditional fish dish in the Cagliari region (more on its preparation later).

Here is what we had at when we ordered it at Trattoria Bachixeddu (in Pula, Cagliari):

And this is what we found at Trattoria ‘Zio Dino’ (also in Pula):

They look pretty similar, don’t they? That’s because this is what burrida is, how Burrida is prepared. The fish is ‘Gattuccio di mare’ (a type of small shark) boiled and then enlivened with a sauce made up of the fish liver and walnuts pulped together, and vinegar. Absolutely delicious (we think you can spot from the photos the better one, the one with the more satisfying sauce).

But at Theo Randall in London when you ask for Burrida…now what is that?

We wonder…we wonder…what did his parents tell him during his trips in Italy as a little child?

Talking about culture shocks, let’s also take a look at that great standard, Pasta con le vongole (clams):

At Bachixeddu:

and its leftover – it will take you a while to count the shells 🙂

and at Osteria dell’Arancio (at twice the cost):

A little sadder, a little meaner, no?


2 comments on “Burrida culture shock – can you spot the difference?

  1. antonella says:

    Bellissimo, come sempre e interessante la differenza di porzionia parità di costo…..e sulla freschezza?ciaoAntonella/ragnetto da gennarino

  2. Man-Woman says:

    Hi Antonella,regarding freshness, in our own experience, on average south Sardinia is really a top area for finding restaurants that serve extremely fresh fish, and this as true for ‘high’ places as for basic trattorias.Regarding the two London restaurants mentioned in the post, at Osteria dell’Arancio the clams were obviously fresh, while at Theo Randall’s the fish stew was so exhausted and tired that it was difficult to judge…but knowing how restaurants at this level work we are prette sure that the problem was not freshness.ciao

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