Amazing langoustines at Au Tilleul

On our way to Italy for a non-vacation in December, we need some relaxation ahead of a very diffcult period (we spare you the details). And where best to find it than during the natural stop in Alsace, at our discovery of last Summer, Jacques Lorentz’s Au Tilleul? As you’ll recall it is in the village with the typically French sounding name of Mittelhausbergen, off Strasbourg, here:

We had another wonderful and stunningly inexpensive dinner at Au Tilleul. Among the many superb items, the Langoustines were particularly superb. The dish arrives to your table like this:

with the langoustine resting on a bed of cereals and grains. Then, the waitress pours on it a clear consomme’, et voila’:

This dish is light, this dish is beautiful, this dish is elegant, this dish is tasty: in a nutshell, this dish is great. The delicate, sweet, succulent meat of the Langoustine is just caressed by the equally delicate consomme’. The cereals and grains then add some texture and crunch. Perfect.

And, just to to tempt you a little more if you have a sweet tooth, here’s how we concluded the dinner…



One comment on “Amazing langoustines at Au Tilleul

  1. S Lloyd says:

    I am myself French and although a passionate gourmand, I regret of never having spent time in Alsace. From your readings, I have no doubt that Alsace is one of the very best regions of France with regards to food.

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