Down with Starbucks (but please don’t sue us)

A cold late December morning outside a non-descript bar, near a non-descript hospital, in a non- descript residential suburb of Bologna (if Bolognese readers want to take a guess…go ahead!). Outside you get this on the right:

and this on the left

You cannot get much more anonymous than this, can you? But now, get inside…. a whole new world of plenty: would you care for chocolates?

Or perhaps you fancy the more traditional “paste”

Well, they also have a lab (a lab in a bar, can you imagine?!), and people working in it:
We could not take a picture of the coffee counter, so crowded it was.
Moral: How can anyone in his right mind ever be tempted, we wonder, into the aseptic (at best) Starbuck world? Long live the independent bar!


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