A dish (or a few more) by Chef Walter Miori

Well, yes, we do have a ‘private’ restaurant life that goes unreported in this blog. But sometimes…some meals are so good that a hem of the veil can be discreetly lifted!

At the moment of writing are nearing the end of our Trentino period, and among our fond recent memories…

Walter Miori is a chef who ‘caresses’ his dishes and your palate, as with this stunning John Dory:

Tantalizingly hidden under fine slivers of fennel, garnished with Taggiasche olives and pumpkin seeds, and finished with a superb olive oil, this dish has it all: flavour, bite, freshness, simplicity, precision.

And how about this interlude:

This must be the best ‘canederlo’ in the world, its (and the grana’s) sweetness and texture a sublime match for the truffle. A lesson on how to elevate a rustic regional classic to a ravishingly elegant delicacy.

Talking about regional classics:

This orzotto (‘barley-risotto’) with sweetbreads is as gratifying as the best risotto: you can feel the perfect creaminess just by looking at it.

And finally (‘finally’, that is, just for this post…) here’s something that you really can only have at Locanda Margon:

This wonderful and dreamily presented duck dish is aromatised with Maso Grill, a Vendemmia tardiva (late ripened wine) produced by the vineyards just around the Locanda, and that you won’t find in the shops… What a dinner. Should you notice a second star falling, at long last, in the direction of Walter Miori, remember that -as usual!- you read it here first…



One comment on “A dish (or a few more) by Chef Walter Miori

  1. Oh, wow, those meals look amazing!

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