It doesn’t matter rain or shine, it should be in before nine

As you know, Gordon Ramsay has extended his empire to pubs. We have heard mixed reports about one in particular, the Narrow (44 Narrow Street, London E14 8DP, 020 7592 7950), and as it is often on our walking trajectory, we took a closer look.
Nice river location!

But wait a sec…what is that pile of food lying in full sun at the back?
It’s their deliveries! Why is nobody picking them up? Tsk, tsk, don’t you know, Gordon, that you shouldn’t leave milk and dairies in the sun, especially in Summer (OK, what passes for Summer):

And what is that next to the milk?
A bag of pre-cut chips, preserved in water. No wonder some customers were complaining about the quality of the chips! So how about Gordon’s sermons on the absolute freshenss of the ingredients? Hope and pray for the staff there he does not know what happens to his deliveries…

Seriously: we go past the joint almost every Saturday morning, and each time it is the same thing. One of those cases when a sunny aspect is not a good thing: surely they could come up with a way to cast some shade?

You know what? We think we’ll give this pub a miss: there are probably cheaper pre-cut, water-preserved, sun-baked chips around in London.

(Factual note: we observed the food lying there for 20 minutes starting at 8,30, so the food might have been in before nine after all…We don’t know when the deliveries generally arrive, however).



2 comments on “It doesn’t matter rain or shine, it should be in before nine

  1. Mm, interesting. Pre-cut chips = a disgrace. Have you e-mailed GRH HQ? I really like your site, by the way.

  2. Man-Woman says:

    Thanks Douglas, no we haven't emailed his HQ but it's a good suggestion(nice site yours too, we didn't know it – by the way the restaurant at Tate Britain was on our target list but after reading your review our desire to try their food has somewhat waned – only the wine may stil attract us there…)m&w

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