Homage to Gaetano of Philly Market Cafe

Maybe you have not yet checked his blog out…but if you have (which you should), the omnipresence of his caneles cannot have escaped you…

Well, we confess we always wondered, in blissful ignorance, what the fuss was about: after all, these are just little custardlike pastries… or are they?

We finally discovered how wrong we had been in snubbing these delicacies when we sampled some as our “take home sweet thought” at Helen Darroze.

Well, they are unbelievably delicious, and a stark reminder of how very simple can be very good, and very good very simple. Apparently the theory goes that the copper moulds should be coated in beeswax to be ready for the simple egg-flour-butter-sugar-milk mixture, laced with rhum and vanilla, and matured for at least 24 hours in the fridge.

The perfect ones will be chocolate brown on the outside and custardy yellow holey inside

The Helen Darroze incarnation felt stunning to us. Thank you Gaetano for opening our eyes to this delicacy: now we have one more reason to travel to Bordeaux!



One comment on “Homage to Gaetano of Philly Market Cafe

  1. Gaetano says:

    I'm delighted that I brought the noble canelé to your attention. Canelé are indeed very special. From their shape and color to their nuanced textures and flavors canelé are uplifting confectionery poems.Thanks for praising my obsession.

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