The new Kikuchi: wow!

The charming Kikuchi (on which we reported here) has had a facelift! From a slightly old-fashioned room to a slick, contemporary black-dominated environment (and the toilets also are now very stylish, too – pity the makeover did not include any electronic Toto WC 🙂 ).

We found the food as good as ever, the impeccable sushi of course

but also a special of airy tempura

(sucking those prawn heads was a task reserved for Man only, though) and especially a special of grilled fatty tuna ,

a concentrate of plump, oily smokiness.

Just send this all down with some cold, fat, thick noodles:
And we declare an addiction to their aubergine with sweet miso!

Coming just after a disappointing dinner at Gauthier, we found this evening as joyful and relaxing as ever. Out of the media and blogger circus (ehm) Kikuchi is a little gem, a secret which we like to share only with our seven readers. Here you can have a feast for less than £100 for two.

Kikuchi on Urbanspoon

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