Two Piemonte beauties

Two interesting wines that we’ve had recently and that we recommend – with the full authority of our ignorance:

Barolo Cannubi, E. Pira e figli  – Chiara Boschis, 1998

Barbera d’Asti Bionzo, La Spinetta,  2007

A king and a prince, let’s say. In common, a nice long finish. Both are quite typical of their genre (the muscular structure and balsamic touch of the Barolo Cannubi, the lively creamy acidity of the Barbera).

The Barbera is available for about 30 Euros at Italian retailers (and we had it for 45 euros in Piemonte restaurants: dream on, Londoners!). The Barolo comes at over 50 euros retail in Italy. Similar figures but in pounds in the UK. 

The small print that sadly one reads ever more often at the bottom of some fellow bloggers’ posts stimulates us to add: this post, like all our posts, has not been sponsored.



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