Seafood platter at the Seafood Restaurant (St Andrews)

(Visited early March 2012)

Just a nibble beforehand to get some strength (nice bread by the way)…

Here are the weapons. Ready to go?

Go go go!

This is the seafood platter at the Seafood restaurant in St Andrews. We managed to catch the very last langoustines on offer for the day, so the other platter (yes, we had two entire platters between the two of us – we like our seafood as you may have guessed form recent posts) was missing the noble animals (and also had a reduction of £5 on the reasonable £50 that it costs).

Served cold and accompanied by a perfectly decent mayonnaise, everything was extremely fresh, caught on the day

 the crab, the mussels, the clams, the langoustines, the lobster, the prawns, the oysters. The quality was good, though we have some reservations on cold cooked clams and mussels At any rate, we gobbled up everything with gusto

and despite our voraciousness the enterprise took us quite a while due to the work required on the crustaceans (it was, however, helped by some gentle prep by the cooks). Ok, it was not the greatest seafood dinner ever (see our recent experiences in Seville and London for a start), but it was definitely a very enjoyable one, and good value too. 

More on the Seafood restaurant when we have a more standard meal.


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