Simple but gorgeous: seafood platter at Ondine

(Visited June 2012)

Saturday lunchtime is the most convenient time for us to forage in Edinburgh, and this time with a … ahem.. busy week ahead for our stomachs we fancied something light yet tempting and rewarding – well, we are in Scotland, blessed with fantastic seafood, so that had to be the answer. Ondine was a no-brainer. Our excuse this time was to compare their seafood platter with the one at the Seafood Restaurant.

As we’ve showed before, the room is light and airy.

The operating table is ready with all the necessary implements nicely lined up.

First however we needed to get in the mood, so we started with some oysters and tempura squid with Vietnamese sauce. 

In hindsight, we should have gone for oysters “nature” instead of the fried version: at the first bite we realised that the plump, juicy beauties (six of them in a portion) would have been happier if showcased on their own, especially as both the batter and the accompanying sweet and spicy sauce were basically the same as for the excellent calamari. 

Still, pretty good, though unexpectedly the calamari stole the show at this initial stage.

Then, in comes the Roast Shellfish Platter – it is choke full with seafood, from lobster to crab, mussels, langoustines, cockles, razor clams, you name it, it’s there. The picture don’t do justice to the generosity of the platter, below you have our two views:


We should not compare this with the seafood platter at the Seafood Restaurant, which is served cold, and is equally sumptuous and generous – yet the hot version ticks all the boxes for us.

A perfectly decent treacle tart with clotted cream and a summery fruit salad with “rock” honeycomb closed proceedings. 

A real a pity that this place is closed on Sundays, which would make it easier for us to come more often – you lucky Edinburgh dwellers should not miss the opportunity for a beautiful, and yes, light-ish lunch.


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