Not all local, lesser known wines…

…are a charming discovery, like this one a while ago. We would have loved to be equally enchanted by this Rebo


but, sadly, we weren’t.

Rebo, in the unlikely event you don’t know, is a crossing between that king of international wines, Merlot, and a fine expression of Trentino terroir, Teroldego. It was ‘invented’ in 1948 by an Italian wine scientist, Rebo Rigotti, whose imagination obviously was focussed on wine technology rather than name creation.

Well, we were never great Rebo enthusiasts and always thought that Merlot and especially Teroldego were perfectly fine on their own, thank you very much, But we’ve had some decent ones.

Alas, this one wasn’t among them: it had thoroughly uninteresting, excessively vivacious fruitiness, even verging on the unpleasant. Sorry.



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