2 Veneti

(Visited: January 2014)

It’s not that we were particularly burning with a desire to eat here, a place that has always looked more of a neighbourhood restaurant than a destination one. But it has been in that corner, near the Wigmore hall, ever since, we have strolled in front of it so many times when going to concerts that we thought it may have been doing something good after all.

The verdict? An almost, almost correct, if basic, italian cuisine, but a little erratic in execution – too much salt in the garnishes of a lamb dish, two liver slices (in a Venetian style calf liver) one lovely but the other one tough and rubbery and not trimmed properly, cod quenelles that were OK but not too flavoursome. On the other hand, overall the quality of our meal was just OK (notably a lobster linguine with good sauce and good cooking, at £5 supplement).

The prices are high-ish but in line for the area. The room is very pleasant (white tablecloths, mirrors, nice lighting), the toilet less so. Service was extremely kind and smile-rich.

The impression is that of a basically sound traditional cuisine that needs to be a little sharper, with more attention to details. If we lived right in the neighbourhood, we might identify their strong dishes and pop in every now and then. Though, at the other end of Fitzrovia, Latium at similar prices offers an altogether different level of experience, and it’s hard to avoid the comparison.

Note: in the pictures below, the pasta is half of a portion (they kindly divided it for us to share one course).








One comment on “2 Veneti

  1. Anonymous says:

    Really great to see you guys back!
    Found your website originally through being a Trento fan, then have checked you out to see if you have a recommendation where we might be, plenty of places foodwise.

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