Two beautiful Cabernet Francs at Koffmann’s and Briciole, with plug

(Visited: July 2013)

The first beauty, Chinon Beaumont Catherine and Pierre Breton 2010, is a classic expression of this grape, medium bodied, floral with herbal notes, a little spicy, and a persistent desire to go on vacation in the Loire. 13% alcohol, biodynamic. We had it at Koffmann’s.


The second is a very, very different CF: L Bandit Franc, Proprieta’ Sperino 2006. This is from Piedmont, a darker, fuller bodied experience, 14%, with fruit and chocolate, but elegant, not in yer face. Had at Briciole.


Both wines were a joy. At Koffmann’s you pay at the lower end of the possible London markup range, while at Briciole the mark up is off scale, so outrageously gentle it is, just a touch above what it would cost you retail online. Given that it comes with gorgeous, hearty and expertly executed Italian food like these  tagliolini with pecorino cheese


or these tagliatelle with a lamb ragout (yes it takes much skill as well as good produce to make a good pasta)


or like this burrata oozing its heavenly juices



given all this, and more, we were saying, we strongly urge you, whether or not you are a wine lover, to pay Briciole a visit. Or two. Or more.

And if you are indeed a wine lover you’ll unashamedly cry of happiness.

As for Koffmann’s, we’ve plugged our beloved old (metaphorically of course) man on this blog so many times, and moreover we’ll do it again soon…, that only the most trusting of you are not thinking by now that we are fully paid up advertisers, so we’ll refrain for once…


3 comments on “Two beautiful Cabernet Francs at Koffmann’s and Briciole, with plug

  1. Is K still cooking there? I mean.. the last time I was there (it must have been a couple of yrs ago), the old man was still in the kitchen… guess what… cooking! …

    • hi Stefano, nice to meet you (Man here…).
      Sure, K is almost always in the kitchen. In the last few days he wasn’t there just because he was hunting grouse here in Scotland. 🙂 And some Sundays he takes the day off and goes out to eat…in his own restaurant! (In an older post you can actually see him in the background of a picture).
      The old man is clearly in love with his job and with actual cooking, he’s old school, and the results are in the plate!

  2. Anonymous says:

    … tell Ramsey and Co!…Have you read his memoir? Nice little book. ciao, s

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